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How To Join Zenbase and Start Earning

Have you ever thought of meditating but had no clue how and where to start? Maybe you thought it was just a movie thing. But, no it is very much real. What if you could get the guidance you need to meditate while earning crypto rewards simultaneously? Interesting, isn’t it? At Zenbase, we incentivize users to meditate through a reward system offering Zentoken (ZENT). And there’s more! We offer more wellness activities that can earn you Zentoken. The following are wellness activities available for you:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Tai Chi
  • Breathing
  • Lectures
  • Wellness Podcasts
  • ETF Tapping
  • More wellness activities are on the way!


Meditate and Earn 

With mental health conditions increasing, more lives are being lost, and more people will continue to be in deep crisis unless action is taken. Meditation is a science-based mitigant that can help with some dreadful mental health conditions. Meditation helps to:

  • Reduce stress.
  • Control anxiety
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Fight addictions
  • Improve sleep
  • Control blood pressure



At Zenbase, we offer plenty of options on how you can meditate. Unlike other meditation platforms we pay you to meditate while guiding you. To get you started on meditation, from our Zenbase application on your device, hop on to our free library, listen to any track for at least 5 minutes, and you get your reward in ZENT. Yes, it’s that simple. Zentoken will be credited to your wallet after the 5-minute session. So you can earn forever with Zenbase while observing good mental health practices. Mental wealth and health for you. We offer more than 1,000 sounds to help you relax your mind and enter the Zenverse. You can select a sound that gives you that inner peace and serenity you desire from these many options.

These different sounds are curated depending on how you want to feel. So if you want a sound to unburden your stress, we got you covered. You feel anxious and want to silence all that chaos in your head; we have the right track for you. On the other hand, if you have had a long day and want to sit back and relax, you can play our chilling and relaxation tracks.


Earn More With Friends

It gets better. You can earn 10% more while listening in with your friends, partner, colleagues, or family. You can tell them to join your earning team on the Zenbase app using their device, select a track they want to listen to together, and meditate. After the session, you earn your initial Zentoken reward and an additional 10% for meditating together. After that, you can meditate with as many people as you wish. Perhaps this can be a fun and healthy activity you can do with your whole family. You might even replace game night with Zen night.


Visualization Meditation

In this meditation, one visualizes a mental image in the form of a goal one wants to achieve in their head and focuses on it. You then imagine that the outcome has become a reality and that you have realized your goals.  Experiments conducted on the effectiveness of visualization show that there is a greater association between finding anomalous effects from randomly generated outcomes.


Manifest and Earn

We are a product of our manifestations, and at Zenbase, we guide you through your visual meditation quest. First, select what you want to manifest and visualize it. So let’s say you are trying to land that job you have been dreaming about. Now, plant that image in your mind. Then, from the app, choose what emotion or object you want to focus on during your visualization. A blurred image will appear on the screen for 10 seconds, resembling your selection. When the image disappears, fill in the blanks by visualizing the rest on your own.  After the visualization process, you get Zentokens credited to your wallet. Frequent visualization meditation means more ZENT for you. So let’s help you manifest your goals while earning.

You can earn 10% more when you visualize with your friends. Talk about squad goals. You can team up with your friends who share the same goals and visualize together. If you are a project manager and have a goal with your team, why not visualize it with Zenbase? Together, you all have one objective: to make your project a success. You can do all this and earn 10% more ZENT than if you did it alone.



Grounding is a type of therapy that involves direct physical contact with the earth. This therapeutic technique aims to connect you more to the earth by grounding you to the earth’s surface with either your hand or feet. A recent study shows that earthing/grounding helps alleviate chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. It can also help with wound healing, pain reduction, and mood change. In addition, new research has shown that grounding can be an efficient antidote to aging.


Connect With The Earth, Earn Rewards

Grounding is available in the shortcut session on Zenbase. First, we pinpoint your location using GPS data to ensure that you are outside in nature. Next, we scan your feet from the app to confirm that you are barefoot. A timer and background music can then be set for your earthing session. After grounding for at least 5 minutes, Zentokens are triggered and credited to your Zenbase wallet. You can earn even more with friends by grounding together. Reach out to your friends or family and feel the earth together. This can be an engaging experience for distant couples or partners. Feel the earth’s surface together while earning. After 5 minutes of grounding, you all get your Zentoken and 10% more tokens added to your wallet.


ESP Training: Develop Your Intuition, Earn Rewards

Did you know that you have a sixth sense that receives information not from your other senses but from your mind? Your mind blocks more than 90% of all the information it receives daily. So imagine the limitless benefits waiting to be explored by opening your mind to extrasensory perception training. On the Zenbase app, the ESP trainer will provide four squares to you, the player. The trainer then randomly selects a square. Your task will be to use your intuition or 6th sense to match the trainer’s square. A chime sound and vibration will signal a successful pick. For every right selection, you will be rewarded with Zentokens. This training aims to develop your intuition and improve your 6th sense as you earn.


Zenbase Premium

You can unlock premium features with Zenbase by paying only $4.99 per month. The added features will include:

  • Zero Ads
  • Earn 30% more Zentoken from all wellness activities
  • Run the app in the background while using other applications
  • Earn Zentoken for journaling


Bottom Line

Health is wealth, and we aspire to make all our users healthy. Meditation, grounding, and ESP training are all therapeutic techniques offered by Zenbase that can massively improve your mental well-being and reward you with Zentoken. With Zenbase holding your hand, you can achieve the tranquility you desire and silence all the mayhem. Come Zen with us.


Why Zenbase?

Zenbase was created with one goal in mind: to improve the world. According to Michael Beckwith in his series on the Gaia streaming service, Transcendence (2018-2020), those who are in a meditative state are both 400% more creative and better at making analytical decisions. Zenbase encourages everyone to find a wellness regimen that works for them. Meditate for free forever and get cryptocurrency rewards with Zenbase.