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Visualization Meditation. From Idea to Reality.

Science-Backed Benefits of Visualization

Science-Backed Benefits

Visualization meditation is a technique used to manifest desired outcomes. Meditation and visualization exercises induce altered states of consciousness, perception, and mood. Experiments conducted on the effectiveness of visualization show there is a greater association to finding anomalous effects in randomly generated outcomes.

How Visualization Works

How It Works

Select what you want to visualize or manifest in your life. Choose from a variety of feelings, emotions, and objects to focus on during your Visualization meditation. A blurred image will appear on the screen for 10 seconds resembling your selection. When the image disappears, fill in the blanks by visualizing the rest on your own.

Visualization Meditation With Friends

Earn With Friends

Anyone can start Visualizing on Zenbase to earn rewards. You can invite friends to join you from anywhere and earn 10% more together.

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