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Zenbase Grounding

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Grounding or Earthing. What Is It?

Science-Backed Benefits of Grounding or Earthing

Science-Backed Benefits

Grounding or Earthing is the practice of direct physical contact with the Earth. Emerging research has revealed biological Grounding as an effective antidote to debilitating diseases and even the aging process. Modern biomedicine is trending toward the benefits of the electric nutrition Earth emits.

How Grounding Works

How It Works

We use GPS data to pinpoint the precise location of our Grounders. A quick scan is required to confirm you are barefoot. A timer and background music can be set for your Grounding session. After 5 minutes of Earthing Zentoken rewards are triggered. Grounding is available in the shortcut section on Zenbase.

Earn and Ground With Friends

Ground With Friends

Anyone can start Grounding on Zenbase to earn rewards. You can invite friends to join you from anywhere and earn 10% more together.

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