Meditation Before Sleep
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Physiologically, It Works Like a Charm

Meditation before sleeping can actually activate the sleep-controlling regions of the brain and also release hormones of serotonin and melatonin that can help you sleep. In addition, meditation can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, making your body optimal for sleep.


Been Proven Successfully Numerous Times in Clinical Trials

In one study testing the effects of meditation on insomniacs, 60% of participants claim that they are no longer insomniacs at the end of the experiment. In another experiment, participants who practiced meditation before sleep reported lower daytime fatigue and drowsiness and fewer insomniac experiences than those who just received a sleep education.


Mentally Checks You Out for the Day

By incorporating meditation into your bedtime routine, you are not only telling your body to get ready for bed by literally sending out a physical signal to your brain to do so, but you are also giving your brain the space to collect your thoughts after a long day of work. Therefore, you are going to sleep without having a clutter of thoughts rushing through your mind and can be calm.


All-Natural Sleep Aid

Meditation is not costly at all, and you do not need to buy a special medication or pay extra money for a doctor’s opinion, and does not come in with any harmful side effects that you should worry about. Instead, meditation can help you center your body and relieve stress from your body by centering your focus on a specific region and breathing deeply to it. You would feel lighter, with all the weight taken out of your body, as you prepare to go to sleep.



Understand that meditation and sleep, both restorative for your body, do not need to be mutually exclusive from each other. Instead, view them as PB&J sandwiches: independently, good, but together, they are a mix of harmony and love.

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