Zenbase Crypto Rewards

Zenbase Introduction

Zenbase is a software company that provides a crypto rewards platform for meditation and wellness. The Zenbase platform rewards customers with Zentoken, an in-house cryptocurrency for completing certain actions, such as meditating, participating in an online yoga class, and much more. Zenbase is a Web3 meditation app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by using their product via meditation, practicing yoga and other forms of wellness, journaling, and much more.

The company will be rewarding its customers with Zenbase tokens for using their platform and for referring other people to use the platform. The company provides its members with an easy way to earn cryptocurrency through its Zenbase crypto rewards program.

How the Platform Works

The Zenbase platform will be able to provide its users with an easy way to earn digital currency by doing what they already do on their phones. Its platform is designed to reward users with cryptocurrency in exchange for their contribution to the community. It’s a wellness platform that incentivizes content creators, influencers, and users by providing them with Zentoken for practicing mindfulness. Uenbase allows users to earn cryptocurrency by tracking the total time spent meditating. Posting wellness content to the platform and participating in exclusive online community events also awards Zentoken. The app removes energy-taxing machinery from the equation and replaces it with an eco-friendly and mindful approach to earning cryptocurrency.


What Can Zentoken Be Used For?

Zenbase also provides an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts who want to make money while they learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The company will also be providing a marketplace where users can buy and sell products that they have used through Zenbase. It rewards users with Zentoken, which can be used to purchase discounts and other items on the Zenbase marketplace.

This program allows users to complete different tasks in order to receive points which can then be converted into Zentoken (ZENT). Some of these tasks include: watching videos, playing wellness games, journaling, purchasing wellness NFTs, and much more.

Why Zenbase?

Zenbase was created with one goal in mind: to improve the world. According to Michael Beckwith in his series on the Gaia streaming service, Transcendence (2018-2020), those who are in a meditative state are both 400% more creative and better at making analytical decisions. Zenbase encourages everyone to find a wellness regimen that works for them. Meditate for free forever and get cryptocurrency rewards with Zenbase.