Zenbase Raises a Pre-Seed Round

Zenbase Raises Monies

We are excited to share that Zenbase has secured its first round of pre-seed at a $3MM valuation cap to help bring mindfulness to the masses. Zenbase is a wellness experience that leverages cryptocurrency rewards through meditation mining. With Zenbase, anyone can build their mental wealth and diversify their portfolios while avoiding a monthly subscription through our free meditation-crypto earning system. This pre-seed round is the first step to kick-starting our roadmap and we’d like to share all of our plans with you!

Zen Angel

Zenbase raised its first pre-seed round at a $3MM valuation cap in December 2021. Equity, tokens, and a big wad of cash are on the line. That means we are laser-focused on delivering our vision. Here’s what the future of meditation looks like:

  1. Zenbase for iOS: Zenbase will launch in the Apple App Store.
  2. Wellness catalog expansion: Zenbase will expand its catalog of high-quality sounds to include videos and other forms of meditation and wellness content. Yoga, tai chi, qi gong, ETF tapping, pranayama breathing exercises, painting, podcasts, wellness games and more are all under the future purview of Zenbase.
  3. Zentoken as a Polygon-based token: Zenbase will take the necessary steps to transform ZENT into a complete blockchain-based currency.
  4. Zenbase V2: Zenbase will reinvent itself. Noticeable improvements will be made to the core service as well as the introduction of exciting new features—NFTs, wellness products, creative services, Zentoken exchanging and more.

Your Chance to Become the Steve Jobs of Wellness

The earning mechanics make Zentoken a deflationary supply and encourage early participation. The more users who actively ‘mine’ Zentoken through meditation, the more difficult it will be to earn ZENT over time. However, all users have the guarantee of being rewarded for their wellness regimen forever. To beat the pack and maximize Zentoken earnings, navigate to our website and provide us with an email address. To learn more about Zenbase, Zentoken (ZENT), the wellness industry and blockchain, you can mindfully read our white paper until you find yourself levitating in your office chair.

Why Zenbase?

Zenbase was created with one goal in mind: to improve the world. According to Michael Beckwith in his series on the Gaia streaming service, Transcendence (2018-2020), those who are in a meditative state are both 400% more creative and better at making analytical decisions. Zenbase encourages everyone to find a wellness regimen that works for them. Meditate for free forever and get cryptocurrency rewards with Zenbase.