5 Ways to Deal With Anxiety
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Have a big meeting that you have to prepare for with little time? Are you dealing with relationship issues that are causing you great concern? Perhaps you just drank a cup of coffee and now have the jitters? We have all been there. The feeling that arises throughout these moments is none other than anxiety. Anxiety stems from panic and fear around everyday situations that are sometimes unavoidable.

Anxiety can affect your quality of life, how you function and your relationships with others. One may ask, how can I work through my anxiety to survive circumstances that are out of my control? Here are some ways you can prevent or deal with your anxiety:


Identify Triggers to Your Anxiety

It’s no secret that anxiety stems from fear, but as for what causes these fears, we all have a different perspective or reasoning for it. Some may get nervous before a big event; others may get anxious during social interactions. It is important to acknowledge where your fears stem from to develop a practice or strategy to help you maintain focus during these highly stressful moments.


Keep A Journal

It is hard to identify how you feel or communicate your emotions with others if they are overwhelming. Some may find writing one of the most freeing outlets when it comes to inner turmoil. Get a pen or pencil along with a notebook, and just let yourself feel your feelings by writing them out as they surface. This activity will act as an avenue for release when it comes to your inner darkest of thoughts and feelings.


Keep Physically Active

Although it is comical how many health providers and behavioral therapists recommend keeping active when emotions arise, it is backed by scientific studies that physical activity assists in producing endorphins which are feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain. This will effectively lower stress which would also cause you to lessen your anxiety.


Eat Healthily

Have you ever heard of the saying, “you are what you eat”? It is more than just a phrase meant to start you on a fitness journey; it is also meant to say that if you eat good, you feel good. For example, did you know that bad eating habits can reflect your behavior? Alcohol and caffeine have been known to cause symptoms of anxiety and other foods that contain high amounts of sugar. Removing such food products from your diet can reflect on your behavior and cause you to be less prone to anxiety.



One of the most powerful coping mechanisms and tools you can use when dealing with anxiety is meditation or yoga. Our breathing patterns are a large part of how we react to the environment and circumstances in our daily lives. Controlling your breathing through meditation can help reduce your stress, and yoga can enhance your mood, making it easier to relax during those chaotic moments.



Life can be a series of unexpected loops, and dealing with these circumstances can be difficult. If you suffer from anxiety, this can make these life-altering moments even more of a challenge. The key is to follow strategies that will assist in coping with stress to alter your perspective and change the way you react to conflict.

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