Mindfulness Meditation Tips
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The Art of Mindfulness

Life can sometimes come at you fast, whether we face dire consequences for our actions or face the cold-hearted facts that inevitably come forward on our journey. The turmoil these moments bring us can envelop us in deep sadness or a state of anger that we tend to ignore or disregard for those who wish to avoid their own emotions. Some even tend to lash out or misdirect their worsening state of emotions. However, many are unaware that these feelings will eventually surface and progressively eat away at your very being. We are often our most prominent critics, which means that we tend to judge ourselves based on how we think, feel, or act.

Is there a way to change the narrative and begin to take control of these feelings? Yes, there is. Mindfulness meditation is the practice that helps slow down your out-of-control thoughts and learn to let go of infiltrating negativity with the act of awareness. In addition, it can ease these self-critical thoughts by connecting to your deepest thoughts and allowing yourself to experience your emotions with acceptance. But this begs the question…


How Do You Begin Mindfulness Meditation?

Luckily, it is a tangible practice that requires little effort to achieve if done correctly. Although there are many techniques, the main goal is the same. Many of the methods require deep breathing, often used in everyday meditation, and awareness of the body and mind. The following is a list of essential factors to remember when preparing for this process:

  • Comfort: Find a space where you feel liberated. Remember to sit with your back straight, either in a chair or lying on the floor. Also, wear comfortable and breathable clothing for an extra emphasis on relaxation.
  • Timer: When meditating, you often lose your sense of time, so it can be crucial to have a timer to stay on schedule if necessary. This also tends to help you ease any anxiety you may have regarding necessary chores or responsibilities you have in the day.
  • Breathing: Breathing is the essence of meditation and mindful meditation. It is vital to becoming aware of your breathing, feeling the breath going in and out of your body slowly as it happens.
  • Focus on your thoughts: This is the distinction between regular meditation and mindful meditation. Some may try to stray away from concerning ideas, but in this case, you need to be a witness to them. Remain calm and embrace them. Let your breathing anchor you down.
  • Go easy on yourself: It is relatively easy to let your thoughts spiral with anxiety, fear, or worry – That is fine. Allow yourself to feel these thoughts, observe them. Do not critique them, and return to your breathing exercise.


Researchers have said that mindful meditation can promote meta-cognitive awareness. Over time, this decreases obsessive thought flow and brings an influx of awareness capacity that enables an effectively working memory. Meditation can also assist in emotion regulation. Mindfulness meditation boosts your self-care routine that will shape how you acknowledge your thought patterns to serve your lifestyle better. Start your healing journey through this effective practice!

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